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Selvidge Middle

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Where each person has ability, dignity, worth and an equal right to develop their potential for a full and meaningful life

Student Handbook

"Today is a new day to do things 'The Stallion Way'." This is the way we start every day at Selvidge. We begin each school year with a refreshed attitude and vigor for learning. Welcome to Selvidge Middle School, or for many of you, Welcome Back to Selvidge. This handbook contains basic guidelines for our school as well as information which will help you and your parents throughout the school year. Please sit down with your parents to review all that is contained within this handbook. Teachers will take time at the start of the year to review key points, but you will be responsible for knowing and understanding the contents of this handbook.

We look forward to serving you and your family as we continue to reach for the stars.

Michael M. Anselmo, Principal

Selvidge Middle School Mission Statement

Selvidge Middle School is dedicated to the principle that each person has ability, dignity, worth, and an equal right to develop his/her potential for a full and meaningful life. To these ends, the Selvidge community is resolved to educate the whole person: to stimulate the mental, emotional, physical, and psychological components of each individual toward growth and maturity.

Selvidge Middle School Goals

  1. Selvidge Middle School will meet and exceed all Rockwood and MSIP standards for student academic achievement.
  2. Selvidge Middle School students, staff, and community will create a positive educational climate.