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Where each person has ability, dignity, worth and an equal right to develop their potential for a full and meaningful life

Detention Procedures

A student will serve ISS for a missed after school detention. Any additional missed detentions will be handled by an administrator.

Lunch Detention

  1. Students will immediately report to the assigned lunch detention room.
  2. Students must bring school work to complete or a book to read during the detention.
  3. Students will not be allowed to talk with friends or play games during this detention.

After School Detentions

If a student's behavior is disruptive or they have reached their third tardy, they may receive a teacher-assigned detention to be served after school for one hour. Detention is assigned to a designated classroom after school.

Participation in sports, extra-curricular activities, or work does not excuse a student from afternoon detention. Students have the obligation to inform the coach, sponsor, or employer that they will be remaining after school for the specified number of days.

Students are responsible for arranging transportation home by activity bus or parent following the detention.

Detention will start the next school day after it has been assigned. If a student is absent from school during the detention assignment, they will make it up the day they return. Tardiness to detention may result in additional time spent in detention or assignment to in-school suspension.

Failure to serve a teacher assigned detention will result in an "after school detention".

Office Detentions

  • Students must serve detention on the day it is assigned.
  • Students who refuse to stay for office detentions may be assigned up to three (3) days of out-of-school suspension. In addition, the student will be expected to serve the originally assigned detention.
  • Detentions begin promptly at 2:39 PM and last until the 3:45 PM dismissal bell. Students will be escorted to the front lobby for pick up.
  • Students are expected to bring homework or school appropriate reading material to detention.
  • Students are to remain seated and quiet at all times during the detention. Raise your hand and wait until the teacher arrives to ask a question.

Failure to serve office detentions will result in up to three (3) days of in-of-school suspension with the possibility of out of school suspension.

Behavioral referrals in excess of ten (10) for the year may result in increasing consequences of three (3) days in school suspension and up to ten (10) days out-of-school suspension.