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Where each person has ability, dignity, worth and an equal right to develop their potential for a full and meaningful life

Lockers and Personal Items


Each student is assigned a hallway locker for the storage of school supplies, equipment, and personal items. It is the student's responsibility to see that the locker is kept locked and in order at all times. School-owned combination locks are issued for all hallway lockers. Only school locks will be permitted on hallway lockers. DO NOT SHARE THE COMBINATION WITH ANYONE. DO NOT SHARE LOCKERS. Since lockers are a permanent part of the building, students are expected to keep them in good, usable condition. Lockers should be kept clean and are subject to inspection. Do NOT paste or glue items to OR write on locker doors or walls. A final locker inspection will be made during the last few days of the school year.

Locker problems (such as needing to change lockers) should be reported to the office.

Students are responsible for their assigned locker. Anything found in that locker is the direct responsibility of the person assigned to that locker. Students must use their assigned hall locker. Students in violation will receive disciplinary consequences. Appropriate action may include detention, in-school suspension, parent conference, and/or suspension.


Fines will be assessed for lockers that are damaged or broken by misuse; the person or persons misusing the locker will pay the fine. Fines may also be assessed for lost locks, library books, failure to return textbooks, or property damage.


The administration at Selvidge Middle School strictly adheres to the Rockwood School District policy regarding searches of students, lockers and/or student possessions brought to Selvidge Middle School. Please see the Rockwood Policies and Procedures for Secondary Students for complete text on this policy.

Lost and Found

A designated area next to the school store is provided for articles of clothing and personal items which are lost and found. Textbooks, which have been found, are returned to the issuing teacher. Unclaimed items in the Lost and Found will be donated quarterly to a needy organization.

Students should write their names on ALL personal supplies and personal property items. Please report any lost or stolen items to the office personnel immediately. Every effort will be made to locate and return your property.

Selling Items at School Guidelines

Only fund-raising items approved by the administration may be sold in school. These items are not to be sold during class. Proceeds for all items sold must be for the benefit of a school organization.