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Where each person has ability, dignity, worth and an equal right to develop their potential for a full and meaningful life

Personal Electronic Devices

Students in grade 6-8 who possess and use electronic devices in school or on the school grounds or field trips do so with the understanding that they are fully responsible for these items, and may do so only in accordance with conditions described here.

Electronics, excluding school issued Chromebooks, must be kept in lockers unless the student is in an area where the item is allowed. These items are NOT to be out in the hallways or bathrooms. If a student is caught with any of these items out in an area not designated, the item could be confiscated and returned to the student at the end of a school day. If this happens a second time, the student loses the right to bring these items to school.

Cell phones may not be used or be visible on school premises during regular school hours and may not be used during regular school hours as a camera. Use, display, or activation of these items at times other than described may result in up to three days in-school suspension. Repeated offenses could result in increased consequences.

If such items are used in such a way as to substantially disrupt the school environment, the student may be suspended for up to ten (10) school days out-of-school with a possible recommendation for a suspension up to 180 school days or expulsion.

School administrators will investigate the reason for use of an electronic device by a student to determine if other district policies are also applicable, which could result in an increase in the discipline (i.e. using a cell phone for the purpose of cheating on a test would also be subject to policies governing academic dishonesty).